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A crib mobile

Once you have set up your baby’s crib and chosen a theme for the room, the next task is choosing one of the most iconic elements in the nursery: a crib mobile.

A crib mobile is more than just an ornament, it plays a big role in the baby’s growth and development, as it is essentially a baby’s first toy. Furthermore, it keeps the babies calm and sends them into blissful sleep, which enables you to get other things done or even take a nap yourself.

Selecting the perfect crib mobile can be a lot of work. Luckily, this article reviews some of the best homemade crib mobiles that you can choose from to make it easier for you. 

Best Homemade Crib Mobiles: Overview

Dinosaur Mobile Gift for Baby Girl and Boy

If you want to keep your baby occupied in their crib while you get things done around the house, this crib mobile is perfect. It consists of four woolen dinosaurs, eight tiny balls, and a woolen egg- a very interesting combination.

The crib mobile is beautifully handmade in cotton, a material that is completely safe for your child. In case it catches dust, you can always clean it very easily. It comes in simple colors, but you can always request the craftswoman to custom-make it in specific colors.

The craftswoman, Tien, is very responsive and professional. She follows your request to the letter and attends to your concerns and inquiries timely and without fail. Moreover, the delivery is impressively fast. What’s more, it comes with a nice card which is very thoughtful if you ask me.

This crib mobile is unisex – both baby boys and baby girls will find it intriguing. Either way, you can give it a more masculine or feminine touch using the colors; more of blue if it’s meant for a boy, and more of pink if it’s for a baby girl.

Additionally, the crib mobile is pretty durable and will even outgrow your baby. Its lines are meticulous and sure. Also, if you know about cotton, you know that it does not wear out that easily. When your baby reaches the toddler stage, you could detach the animals for your baby to hold when reading books, taking a walk, or watching TV.

Stars Monochrome Baby Mobile

Not only is this crib mobile peaceful to look at, but it is also very stylish. It is a combination of balls and stars, all of which are in monochromatic colors. Thus, it comes in a beautiful combination of white, black, and grey. 

This crib mobile is impressively handmade, and for that reason, it may come with slight deviations in size and shape. Also, it is made with durable, high-quality materials. The balls are made with New Zealand wool, the stars with merino wool, the thread with cotton, and a wooden base. 

Therefore, you can be sure that this eco-friendly piece will not be wearing out any time soon. The most beautiful thing about it, besides calming down your baby, is that it also doubles down as decoration. So, it will still be relevant long after your child has grown up.

Installing it is made easy by the special hook and thread with which to attach the mobile to the ceiling. It is advisable to keep this piece, which is gender-neutral, away from babies- don’t let them play with it. 

Rainbow Mobile

Just as the name suggests, this pom pom mobile comes in vibrant rainbow colors. The different colors are known to stimulate the imagination of your baby’s young mind. Needless to say, they really help with the young one’s cognitive development

The handmade craftwork consists of woolen balls that are two inches in diameter, attached using strings to a wooden ring. The ring is then installed on the ceiling in such a way that the mobile is hanging over your baby’s crib nicely.

The beautiful thing about this mobile is that it is gender-neutral. It is perfect for both baby girls and boys. As durable as it is, you can use it for all your children as they come. It is also very affordable, and delivery is conveniently speedy. While you can’t return it, the seller, Meghan, is responsive and ready to make the necessary amends as required.

Keep in mind that this product is mostly decorative, and at no point should it be used as a toy. Keep it out of reach of children- it may be harmful to them. It is advisable to remove it from over the crib when your baby is old enough to reach out to it successfully.

Rose Baby Girl Mobile

This mobile is made specifically for your baby girl as it is designed to make her feel like a princess. It consists of blooms of roses that are hung on a clear line with white blossoms trailing down. The roses spin with a lovely swirling effect. It is quite a sight to behold!

The mobile is beautifully handmade with silk and wood. The roses are in silk, and the hoop is wooden. Usually, it comes in either of three colors: deep red, blue or light pink. However, you can always get it in the color of your liking if you make the request.

Since the mobile is custom-made, returns are not accepted. Instead, if you have a problem with the product, the craftsman will fix it to your satisfaction. Furthermore, it comes in two sizes; the regular size has eight blooms of roses, while the larger size has ten.

Installation is a breeze as you only need to fix it to a hook from your ceiling. The blooms hang up to around 30 inches from the hoop, so you can be sure that your little daughter will be enjoying a really nice view. The package arrives in a gorgeous gift box, and it can make for a perfect baby shower present.

Baby Mobile Nursery

There are very few things that are as peaceful and calming as staring at the sky at night. This baby mobile recreates that view with five clouds, four golden stars, one moon, and a couple of wool balls. On top of enhancing the look of your child’s nursery, you will be able to get things done as your baby remains fixated on it.

This mobile is delicately and creatively handmade. The components are put together very nicely to come up with a very artistic end -result. What’s more, you can always contact the craftswoman to request tweaks in the colors or any other thing. She is very responsive and happy to custom-make it for you.

Made with quality materials, the mobile is bound to outlive the baby’s infant stage. The clouds and the moon are made with hypoallergenic felt that is 100% synthetic and a bit of synthetic leather on the stars. The round frame on which the strings are attached is made with strong wood.

On top of that, it comes with a loop at the top to facilitate installation. You can loop it to the ceiling or anywhere else you deem fit. Remember that this mobile is for decorative purposes and should not be used as a toy. Therefore, don’t let your kid tag on it as it may get ruined. 

Baby And Friends Handmade Musical Baby Crib Mobile

This is one of the most colorful mobiles there is in the market. Not only is it interesting to look at, but it is also very decorative and will add a certain allure to the room. This mobile comes with an assortment of colors and shapes, most of which are animals.

One of the most alluring things about this mobile is that it has a music box, which comes as a gift. The music plays “Lullaby Brahms” to soothe the baby to sleep. Moreover, when the music plays, the mobile rotates in a circle.

Additionally, the mobile is durable as it is made with high-quality felt. The material is soft, and you can wash it without worrying that it will shed its color. Furthermore, you can detach the animals, and the baby can play with them as dolls when they are more grown. 

Vehicles Handmade Musical Baby Crib Mobile

As per the name, the theme of this mobile is vehicles. It is made up of a variety of them, such as cars, motorbikes, and chariots. It also has some clouds and stars in the mix just to make it more intriguing. With blue as its dormant color, it can be assumed that this is made for baby boys.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get it for your infant daughter. Phuong Nguyen, the seller, is very accommodating and will readily change the color for you to make it more girly if you so wished.

The mobile is handmade with astonishing detail and comes accompanied by a free music box. Just like the baby and friends musical crib mobile, the music box plays “Lullaby Brahms” to create a soothing atmosphere for your baby to relax and maybe even fall asleep.

What’s more, this mobile makes for a perfect gift for new parents. Show up with it to your friend’s or relatives’ baby shower and watch as they brighten up with gratitude.

Baby Crib Mobile Animals Felt Décor

Affordability is not the only attractive thing about this crib mobile. It is also made with high-quality felt material that will outlast the baby’s infant and maybe even toddler stages. Luckily, you can detach the animals as your baby grows and have the child use them as dolls instead.

The outer space theme of the mobile is intriguing, to say the least. If the nursery is space-themed, then this piece will make a very handsome addition. It consists of an airplane, a giraffe, a blue whale, reindeer, a camel, and clouds. Still, just like other handmade mobiles, you can have it customized to your liking in terms of color and the animals you want to be added to the mix.

When you order this baby crib mobile, you are allowed to choose between a wood hanger, a plastic one, or a ring that is lined with felt- whatever suits your fancy. These come with a hook with which you can attach the mobile to the ceiling for easy installation.

The only downside to this is that the delivery takes long. However, once you get the package, you realize that the long wait was absolutely worth it. Unlike other handmade mobiles, the seller accepts returns and exchanges, but only under specific circumstances.


Baby smiling at a crib

Crib mobiles have become an essential component of a baby’s nursery. Not only do they make for whimsical decoration, but they also help in soothing a baby to sleep. Choosing the perfect mobile is vital as it determines the child’s reaction and moods. Thus, having one that is custom-made is, without a doubt, the best way to go.

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