How Many Crib Blankets do I Need For My Baby?


Between 2 and 3 blankets are recommended to keep your baby warm and comfy in the crib. One lightweight blanket should be placed directly on the mattress and may be tucked in. A second thicker blanket can be used to cover your baby while they sleep, and a third thicker blanket can be placed at the foot of the bed for cold nights or under your baby’s feet if needed.

In the area where I live, it gets quite cold in the winter months, so I like to be sure that my baby has plenty of blankets on hand. For extra warmth, a quilt or comforter can also be added at night with caution, ensuring that the blanket is tucked away from your baby’s face.


This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. If you have any concerns about your baby’s crib setup and safety, always consult your pediatrician.

Make sure

You’ll want to ensure that all blankets are securely tucked in and not covering your baby’s face. You should also avoid using oversized blankets that can become tangled up during sleep.

Depending on the climate you live in and room temperature, you may need to adjust the number of blankets accordingly. Additionally, it’s important to use safe materials such as organic cotton or bamboo for all bedding.

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Backup blankets

Be prepared for any situation. Milk can sop up onto the blankets, or a baby can be swaddled in a bigger blanket. It’s always good to have an extra blanket on hand just in case.

How many blankets is too “Much”?

For safety’s sake, try to avoid having too many blankets piled onto the crib. A good rule of thumb is to keep it to a maximum of four blankets, as any more than that can pose suffocation risks.

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What are the dangers of using too many crib blankets?

Crib blankets are usually a much-needed comfort item for newborns, but there is a hidden danger if too many of these blankets are used. Too many crib blankets can cause an infant to overheat, leading to breathing difficulties.

It is important to make sure that no more than one layer of the lightweight blanket is covering the -baby at any given time. Also, it’s best to choose lighter materials so that air can easily flow around the baby’s body.

Safety is always key when it comes to infants, and taking care not overload their crib with too many blankets will ensure their safety and health.

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Final words

Whether you are a new mom or a veteran parent, parenthood always requires extra attention and preparation. By knowing how many crib blankets are needed, you can make sure your baby sleeps comfortably and safely in their crib.

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