8 Best Crib Mobiles for Girls – Find the Right Mobile for Your Little One

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As a mom, you want baby mobiles with calming sounds, interesting patterns, and engaging movements that entertain your baby and make it so much easier for them to fall asleep.

However, mobiles can also offer visual stimulation for babies while their eyesight’s developing. With that, it ties together the baby’s nursery décor. You’re sure to love the many options on the market, but what is the best baby mobile for newborns?

Typically, they are the ones that stay hanging from the crib and add brightness and color to the room. When choosing a crib mobile, you should think about what colors you want and how it all ties together. However, a crib mobile can also be soothing and calming to your baby, and that must be the most important thing you focus on.

Top 8 Baby Mobiles

Tiny Love into the Forest Classic Baby Crib Mobile

The Tiny Love Forest Classic crib mobile is a full-service option that has music, lights, and movement to engage your baby. Plus, you can adjust the stimulation level by picking between the mobiles’ best features.

This could be the best musical crib mobile because as your child gets older, you can remove the arm and use the music box alone. It also features a night-light, which can also be used by toddlers.

Your baby’s enjoyment is all that you care about, and the music box offers classical music and many other options. Plus, the cute animals and swirls gently move around, which helps with your child’s sight development. With all that, this product is 4.75x16x13.38 inches.

Tiny Love Meadow Days Take Along Baby Mobile

When it comes time to get a musical crib mobile, you can’t go wrong with the Tiny Love Meadow Take Along Mobile. It just might be the best nursery mobile because it’s portable and can play music effortlessly.

This hanging mobile is designed for a car seat, stroller, and crib. Your little one can use it anywhere, and the toys are exciting to watch as they move around. Plus, this is a colorful option and provides five melodies and 30 minutes of delightful music. The best part is it’s just 4×7.5×13.38 inches, so it can fit almost anywhere that your baby might want it.

VTech Soothing Ocean Slumber Mobile

Many times, baby products lack where music is concerned. It might be off-key or have too many sounds. With that, some babies end up falling in love with that wheezy Brahms Lullaby, which plays annoyingly and isn’t very soothing to your ears.

With the crib mobile from VTech, you get volume control from your mobile, and it plays over 45 songs. In fact, it could be the best musical mobile because it also includes toys and has volume control. Plus, you can set it to run up to 40 minutes or turn it off altogether so that your baby can see the stars and animals instead of hearing the music. To top it all off, it’s just 12.6×4.7×18.3 inches.

Tiny Love Princess Tales Crib Mobile

If a musical mobile is what you want, the Princess Tales version is a great choice. It’s not too distracting with tons of features, and your baby is sure to appreciate the quiet tunes it plays. You may even detach the lights from this mobile and put it on a stroller.

This musical mobile is easy to attach to the crib or anywhere else. With the pink colors throughout, it’s perfect for a baby girl. Plus, its dimensions are 3.88×7.5×13.38 inches, so it’s not too big for strollers, cribs, and play-yards.

HABA Wooden Mobile Rainbow Balls

Parents often swoon over this wooden mobile because it is beautiful, eco-friendly, and colorful. In fact, it’s made of beechwood, which is sustainable. You’re sure to appreciate the modern design because it’s soothing and simple. There is a rainbow of balls in different sizes that bounce and spin for about 10 to 15 minutes when lightly touched.

Plus, this baby mobile is there to hang from the ceiling using a hook screw. Babies often love gazing at the wooden balls in the nursery. Though this isn’t a crib mobile, it could be the best option for your baby. Still, the mobile doesn’t play music but never requires batteries.

Let’s Make Felt Ball Mobile

Those who love simplicity are sure to appreciate this crib mobile for the nursery. It offers a modern and sophisticated twist and is a low-tech mobile that’s quite environmentally friendly. The felt balls can gently sway and spin and come in various colors, such as ocean blue and neutral gray. You can also choose between a star/moon theme, faded-rainbow hues, animals, and many more.

Your baby is sure to appreciate the features of this ceiling mobile. While it could be the best choice, you should be aware that there isn’t music, and it doesn’t spin around.

Manhattan Toy Wimmer Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile

If you’re hoping for toys that can pique your baby’s interest, the Manhattan Toy Wimmer Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile might be ideal. Though it is not completely black and white, it does have a few cards that are designed completely in black and white shades.

There are actually 10 interchangeable cards, and some of them are high-contrast. With those contrasting colors, you’re helping with your baby’s visual development.

Most newborns don’t see colors and must work on the development of those skills. With that, many babies love this mobile, and parents often call it the best crib mobile for newborns.

One of the best things about this is the adjustable cord, which lets you position the mobile closer to your baby and move it up as the baby grows. However, it doesn’t move on its own. You must spin it yourself, and it stops quite soon.

Kiddo Lab Baby Crib Mobile

Babies are often mesmerized by the stars and moon light show that can be seen from the Kiddo Labs mobile. With it, the baby sees clear pictures that aren’t fuzzy or annoying. Plus, it offers a sensory display with nature sounds or soothing lullabies that play for up to 10 minutes. Babies can easily fall asleep with this baby crib mobile and stay that way.

Plus, most babies love the animals on the mobile that move and spin. Typically, baby mobiles can only do one thing best, but with this projection option and the noise, this mobile is sure to be a hit in your nursery.

However, these crib mobiles do not have volume control but can still put your baby to sleep effortlessly.

What’s a Baby Mobile?

Baby mobiles are there to entertain and soothe young babies, who often spend most of their time looking up. Since they are supposed to be on their back for bedtime in the nursery, you need the best baby mobiles on the market.

Mobiles can have different configurations, such as objects that move or hanging toys. With that, you should have high-contrast images and visual appeal that they want to see. Sometimes, the mobile lulls your baby to sleep with black and white images and white noise. That music can calm the baby, too.

Mobiles might also provide a night-light, which is helpful when you must go inside the room to feed them. With that, the mobile can be used as the baby grows, making it one of the best inventions ever.

How to Choose a Baby Mobile

Mobiles often come in three types – portable, ceiling-mounted, and crib-mounted. Sometimes, newer cribs have thick rails and might not support a baby crib mobile. If that happens, you can choose ceiling projection options. You may also want to think about the best baby mobiles that have appropriate features to be used in the car, as well.

Typically, a nursery mobile offers music, lights, and animals or pictures. These tools are great at putting your baby to sleep. You may also find a crib mobile that offers Bluetooth capabilities, removable toys, and many other perks.

Are Crib Mobiles Considered Safe?

Typically, nursery mobiles have safety risks that you should know about. Here are a few guidelines to follow:

  • Adjust the mobile out of your baby’s reach and secure it. Tug on the mobile a bit to be sure.
  • Ensure that there aren’t any small parts that could end up in the baby’s crib. They are a choking hazard to your baby.
  • When the baby is 5 months old, it’s time to remove the mobile from your baby’s crib. That way, she doesn’t pull it down and injure herself.


If you have a baby crib, now is the time to consider what else you want for the nursery. Most of the time, you want a mobile in the room that can hook to the baby crib and provide engagement and relaxing noises for your baby’s sleep needs.

There are tons of options out there, but the best baby mobile is sure to be the one from Tiny Love (Into the Forest). It can be used in many ways and has everything you could want from a mobile.

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