8 Best Crib Mobiles with Lights – Choose the Right One

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Sometimes, babies don’t require a crib mobile to go to sleep. However, most babies do need stimulation to distract them from needing attention and relaxing enough to fall asleep.

As parents, you are focused on buying tons of baby products, such as the baby’s crib, bottles, and all the rest. Therefore, it might be easy to neglect the things you need for the nursery, but that isn’t ideal.

Most babies love the image they see from the best baby mobiles, especially when there are lights and other things to watch. Though these might not be the most eco-friendly, you’re sure to enjoy using them for the first few months or even years.

Remember, your little one is looking at the ceiling most of the day because they sleep on their backs. Your baby needs some light and music to help them relax. Though you don’t often find mobiles that attach to the ceiling, you can find options that go on the crib.

You’re focused on price, but you also need to think about safety and ease of installation.

Shiloh Baby Crib Mobile Decoration

Shiloh Baby Crib Mobile Decoration

If you want a musical mobile, the one from Shiloh could be the best baby mobile. It offers 60 famous tunes that play for one hour. Plus, you can set it to automatically turn off in 30 minutes if there’s no operation. Just press the on button again to start it again.

Since this crib mobile plays music, your little one is sure to appreciate it. You get six buttons on the mobile for your baby. Some focus on volume settings, others control the sounds, and there’s one to make it a spin. Therefore, your baby isn’t stuck with the same things all the time.

As your baby watches, it can do different things to encourage the baby’s interaction. Plus, there are detachable toys, such as stars and animals. When your baby gets bigger, he or she can use them before they sleep. With that, this device is 16x1x15 inches.

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Tiny Love Meadow Take Along Mobile

The Tiny Love Meadow crib mobile is ideal for all babies. You can hook it right on the crib, and it can keep your baby’s attention easily. One of the great features of this option is that it can detach and be used with a car seat. You can take it off the crib and put it in the car to offer soothing colors and patterns.

Since you can play different tunes from the music box, your little one never gets tired. Plus, there are different animal image options for your baby to enjoy. If that weren’t enough, it plays music for 40 minutes, making it ideal for the nursery.

The toys are quite enjoyable to watch and can be used with a stroller. However, the best thing is that you can lower the noise when it’s hanging or while you’re on the go. Plus, it is 4.75x16x13.5 inches.

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Kiddo Labs Baby Mobile with Lighting

If you want the best baby mobile, then the one from Kiddo Labs might be ideal. It fits a crib rail thickness of 1.38 inches, making this a top choice for a crib mobile. Plus, your baby is sure to ensure the stars and nature sounds it produces.

You’re sure to appreciate the lights that project overhead from the mobile, and so can your baby. When you turn everything off at night, there are still images that can be enjoyed.

Plus, for naptime when it’s still daylight, the high-contrast colors keep your baby engaged without overstimulating them. They can still fall asleep while using the mobile during the day.

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Tiny Love Classic Into the Forest Mobile

With the Classic Mobile from Tiny Love, you don’t have to choose between black and white images for development and adorable characters. Most nursery mobiles have one or the other, but this one features both. Therefore, your baby can sleep and engage with the crib mobile, making it the best of both worlds.

Visual development is crucial for babies, and this one has the black-and-white image swirls you want. However, it also offers fun animal characters to help with sleep.

On top of everything else, it attaches right to the crib. There’s also a music box that can produce classical music and other.

Your baby is sure to appreciate this hanging mobile, and you can feel safe knowing that their development is being worked on right now, too. It’s 4.75x16x13.38 inches of pure happiness with black and white/colorful imagery.

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Tiny Love Soothe ‘n Groove Princess Mobile

If you need to find the right solution to get your baby to sleep, you must create a soothing environment. This crib mobile is just what you require and might be the best out there.

You can find many amazing features with this mobile. For example, it includes lights and is a musical mobile.

The universal attachment is great because it’s sure to fit on your baby’s crib. Plus, it fits most modern-day baby beds with ease.

As the child outgrows the mobile, you can use it as a nightlight or lamp. The options are limitless.

Most parents enjoy that they can use this product for many years. Plus, it includes volume control so that it doesn’t annoy you. With that, the spinning toys are fun, and the music it plays is relaxing.

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INTMEDIC Baby Musical Crib Mobile with Lighting

You may think that the INTMEDIC version is the best musical mobile out there. It’s a motorized crib mobile for babies and comes with lights, toys, and music.

There’s also a Bluetooth function, so you can turn on the soothing sounds in your baby’s room without disturbing them. All that white noise is sure to be welcome so that your baby can rest and relax.

Plus, when they are a little active and can’t settle down, the mobile offers high-contrast colors that can wow them. With that, they get 40 minutes of tunes and a full-color show. You can program it all from your smart device to help your baby relax and fall asleep effortlessly.

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TUMAMA Baby Mobiles with Lighting and Music

Some parents hate going in and disturbing their little ones. This crib mobile’s best feature has to be the remote control. That way, you can make the toys move or change the sounds it makes without having to go into the bedroom.

Plus, this crib mobile offers lighting with a star/moon image that can be seen easily at night. On top of that, the mobile turns and features a fun giraffe as the holder.

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Caterbee Baby Crib Mobile with Lighting

If you want the best mobile for your baby, then the Caterbee brand might be ideal. It can be hooked to cribs, a stroller, and a bassinet. Plus, this crib mobile has fun image options that are brightly colored. Attract your baby’s attention easily and exercise their eyesight while you make them feel relaxed and calm.

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Safety Considerations for Crib Mobiles

As with many mobiles, you should follow all safety guidelines and be aware of the risks:

Out of Reach

The baby mobile has hanging items, and they should be out of reach. Raise the mobile as much as necessary so that your baby can’t pull it down. Otherwise, it is a choking hazard if it falls into the baby’s bed.

String Length

Parents should focus on the string length of their mobile. It shouldn’t be more than 7 inches long, so consider one with an adjustable cord.


The entire nursery should be clean, but your mobile should be dusted and wiped down frequently.


It is best to focus on the security of the mobile. Tug it a little once installed to ensure that it’s not loose.

Appropriate for the Age

Most people feel that at about 5 months old, the baby no longer needs a mobile. However, they can still be used for developmental purposes with the right image options.

Types of Mobiles

Most baby mobile options have different features, such as an image or animal, music, and more. However, they also are attached in various ways, and you want to know how to use them efficiently.

The crib-mounted mobile is the most popular and is quite easy to assemble. It can often go on wooden or plastic cribs and can still be seen as your baby lies and looks at the ceiling. Just clip the crib-mounted mobile to your baby’s bed, and you’re done. Remember that they often support heavier weights and might come with other items hung from them.

The ceiling-mounted mobile isn’t as popular anymore. Primarily, you must cut a hole to use this baby mobile and then add a hook. Baby mobiles hang from it, but if you want to move your mobiles, you have to patch up that hole and make another one.

You can also find wooden mobiles, but they are less likely to have lighting or sound effects. If your baby is quite fussy, it might be best to go with another material.


Those who want the best baby mobiles are sure to appreciate this review. However, we feel that the top baby mobile is the one from Shiloh. It has many musical tunes, so you’re not always stuck with Brahms’ Lullaby.

Plus, there is a light show, and the plush animals are detachable from the mobile. Children can play with them more as they get older.

Your baby’s mobile is sure to be the hit of the nursery, especially with this one. However, any of these eight mobiles could be a hit with your baby.

I hope you found the best crib mobile with lights for your baby. There are so many options available, don’t forget to compare the features and prices before making your final decision.

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