How to Hang a Mobile over a Crib

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Most times, parents hang a mobile over their baby’s crib, to provide a safe place for their babies to sleep. Hanging a baby mobile in your baby’s nursery has a soothing effect, and some mobiles come with gentle music that helps alleviate your baby’s discomfort.

It’s no news why every mother wants this for their babies; after all, they deserve the best. Some crib mobiles come with appealing aesthetics that would keep your baby entertained, so they don’t fuss all the time. Babies love being held, and for some babies, they don’t sleep without being cradled, and that’s not healthy. In cases like this, getting a crib mobile is the perfect way to cultivate better sleeping habits for your baby. Installing a baby mobile over your baby’s crib can give you at least a few minutes, or maybe hours, to get certain chores done and have time for yourself.

A crib mobile comes in different forms and you can hang it on the wall, ceiling, or any other location of your choice. Mounting a baby mobile correctly on the ceiling or wall should be your priority because a fallen mobile is more of a death trap for your baby. There is nothing technical about installing a baby mobile for your baby; it’s a simple DIY that can be accomplished in few steps.

How to Properly Install a Baby Mobile Over your Baby’s Crib

High Placement

Before you choose the right height to place your baby’s mobile, you need to make sure it isn’t close to the mattress. It’s important to design the holes high enough to prevent it from obstructing people. Finally, measure the mobile so you can mount the hook at a far distance from the walls and for it to hang freely.

Find the Perfect Stud

When you have figured out the right position in your baby’s room you want to hang the crib mobile using a stud finder, and then mark the spot with a marker or pen. Next, get your screw and a nail, and create a hole in the stud. Proceed to screw it to a cup hook. For this step, you need to make sure that you properly screw it, so it doesn’t pull off because this could be dangerous to your baby.

Replace Anchor Hook for Beam

Alternatively, you can use an anchor hook if you don’t have a beam in the spot you plan on hanging the mobile. But, you may want to avoid using an anchor hook if you are installing a baby mobile in a crib. Create a hole and push the anchor hook through it, so the gripping sides can spread as soon as it passes the hole.

Create a Hanging Planter

If you don’t want the mobile hanging from the ceiling, you can make a hanging planter bracket. First, keep the bracket high on the wall, using both screws from the bracket. Then, proceed to hang your mobile at the end.

Hang The Baby Mobile

Most baby mobiles come with a very long pole that raises it to a high level, so your baby can’t pull it down, but also low enough for your baby to see it. After you have successfully mounted the mobile in your child’s crib, then you can sit and watch them have fun. The whole point of putting mobiles on your babies’ cribs is for their fun and to avoid them being fussy all the time.

Why You Need a Mobile for Your Baby

Having a baby mobile helps make the theme of a nursery even better. It can be hard to get the perfect matching crib for a nursery, but introducing a baby mobile makes it simpler. Choosing a baby mobile related to the color of your infant’s nursery should be a breeze because your options are wide.

To Calm Your Baby

Some babies are extra fussy and always love to be carried. They enjoy being in your arms all day, or else they become uncomfortable. You can alleviate their worries by getting them a baby mobile that can be placed over their crib at a height they can’t reach. Baby mobiles can be so appealing that they leave a calming effect on your little one. You can hang it on the ceiling or hook it to the crib; just make sure it isn’t placed too near, to avoid them reaching for it.

To Showcase Beauty

Babies’ mobile designs range from hand-sewn artwork to beautiful plastic mobiles. No matter what your choice may be, purchasing a quality mobile means that you have bought a beauty that would look pleasant hanging in your infant’s nursery. If you feel creative and decide to go for something unique but still infant-related, you can check for mobile frames on the internet. Mobile frames give you the flexibility to hang whatever things you wish.

To Promote Brain and Mind Development

Buying mobiles is a step parents take to stimulate the brain of their infants. Older babies are more intrigued by vivid hues, and younger babies are more captivated by high contrast colors. Some mobiles are developmental in nature, and they come with different objects that you could switch up step by step as your child gets older. However, babies can’t see objects at far distances when they are young, so it’s best to have the mobile lowered during the first few months, but not low enough for their hands to reach it.

Important Safety Tips Parents Should Know

If you are a parent looking for the perfect mobile for your infant, you may encounter a challenge because there are tons of mobiles on, and it may be a bit overwhelming to choose. Some mobiles come with simple toys, like bunnies, while others tend to have buttons and some lights. You know what your baby loves, so that should be your first help in figuring out the best mobile to buy.

Remember that not all babies react the same way to mobiles; some may find the toys pretty interesting, and others may look for something else of interest in the room, like a painting, to focus on. It’s important to read the signs your baby gives out after getting a mobile placed in their cribs to understand their needs better. Mobile safety tips are imperative for when your baby becomes older and starts to pull himself up from his crib.

Ensure the Mobile is Tightly Attached

It may seem like an easy task, but this step is often neglected. Whether you keep the mobile on the side of the crib or the wall, make sure that it is firmly attached. If it falls on your baby of one to five months, it may pose choking hazards.

Search for Mobiles with Small Strings

Getting a brand new mobile from may likely come with a small/short string, in compliance with the strict standards placed on children’s toys by most countries. But, getting a mobile from an antique shop doesn’t have that guarantee, so you should have a first-hand look to ensure you are buying a safe mobile for your little one, and one that doesn’t have a long string.

Don’t Put the Mobile Within Reach

If the mobile is at the height where your child can grab it, then it’s time to push the mattress down a bit. Lowering the mattress would place the mobile out of reach for your little one. Once your child is over five months, it’s time to get rid of the mobile. Although crib-mounted mobiles are more popular now, you can still check out mobiles that can be screwed to the ceiling.

You can also search for another source of fun for your child to enjoy, probably get colorful books for him to read.

Check for Loose Parts

By default, some mobiles are faulty, and it’s your parental duty to be sure that things like this are taken care of. For example, after buying a mobile for your child’s crib, you need to make sure the toys are fixed tightly and always do this regularly.

As a general tip, when you realize that your baby is old enough to pull at the mobile on his crib, it’s best to take it out. That’s because it’s already too close, and they may reach for the mobile and hurt themselves in the process.


Mobiles are in different shapes and sizes, and although it isn’t a must-have, it just gives a charming look to your child’s room. Regardless of what type of mobile you have hanging over the top of your child’s crib, keep in mind that it always gives a decorative touch to their nursery. It would help keep your child calm, and you can use it to keep your child cheerful at all times. Be sure to put the safety of your little one first, and follow all the necessary guidelines and tips to help your child have an eventful childhood.

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