8 Best Crib Mobiles for Newborn – Plenty of Options

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Parents are always excited to buy their baby’s first toy, and the best option might be nursery mobiles. Best practices and guidelines should be followed to ensure that the crib mobile isn’t a choking hazard.

Babies require specific things, and a mobile might be an excellent idea for your baby’s development. However, you’re focused on the many baby products out there, some of which are wooden and mounted to the ceiling or the crib.

Most mobiles should have fun things to do, and the price you pay is important. However, the best baby mobile is likely not wooden and is mounted directly on the crib. As your baby gets older (about 5 months old), you can stop using the mobile.

However, newborns often need that extra stimulation while they’re young. Many reviews focus solely on one type of mobile for a baby, but this one has many different options to fit your budget, decor, and needs.

8 Best Baby Mobiles for 2021

Tiny Love Meadow Days Take Along Crib Mobile

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If you’re interested in a baby mobile, the take-along mobile from Tiny Love could be the best. It features a removable Velcro attachment, so your baby gets continuous entertainment and fun wherever they are.

Babies love this crib mobile because it can go with them on the road in the car seat, in play yards, on strollers, for travel cots, and much more. Hold your baby’s attention for many hours of enjoyment.

Your baby is sure to squeal with delight and gurgle happily while they watch the hedgehog, fox, and bird spin around on this mobile. The Tiny Love Meadow mobile is designed specifically for visual stimulation. Plus, you have black and white characters, since most babies can’t see colors initially.

You also get 30 minutes of music, and your little one is entertained enough so that you can grab that shower or do something for yourself. Its dimensions are 4×7.5×13.38 inches.

SHILOH Musical Mobile Battery Operated

The Shiloh brand might be the best when it comes to safety. This musical mobile is made using durable ABS plastic materials and is environmentally safe and non-toxic. That way, as your baby gets older, they can bite on it with no problem.

Plus, it offers a music box that you can hang from any mobile arm hanger with a hook to attach your own toys. You must purchase the characters separately, making this one of the most unique baby mobiles because it’s customizable.

You can choose from various lullabies, such as soothing classical music and others. Plus, you have buttons on the side for play/pauses purposes, volume control, rotation, and can move to the next track with this crib mobile.

On top of it all, this mobile only requires two AA batteries and shuts off after 30 minutes of use. That way, the mobile doesn’t continue running and disturb your baby while he or she is sleeping. With that, its dimensions are 3.9×3.9×2 inches.

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Manhattan Toy Wimmer Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile

Those who want a baby mobile that’s a little different might prefer the classic mobile from this brand. The Wimmer Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile is one of the most popular educational toys on the market and features research-based options for visual development. Research has shown that newborns like high-contrast patterns instead of colors or brightness until they’re three months old. That’s when their eyes can see colors.

This crib mobile offers 10 interchangeable cards in black and white and high-contrast patterns. However, along with the black and white images on the mobile, you also have other complex patterns. They’re focused on your baby’s age, making this one of the best options for babies.

Your baby is sure to appreciate the black and white cards. Plus, there’s an adjustable cord so that you can change the card distance as their vision develops. Its dimensions are 13×3.5×13 inches.

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Mini Tudou Baby Mobile

You’re sure to appreciate the Mini Tudou crib mobile, and it’s the best musical mobile on the market. In fact, it’s a multi-purpose mobile that offers endless entertainment options for your baby.

There are 150 lullabies, five nature sounds, six nursery rhymes, and 10 musical organs. Parents are sure to appreciate baby mobiles like this because they pique the baby’s interest for many hours of enjoyment.

With that, the features of this mobile also include 360-degree rotation with three color projections, such as star and cartoon images.

There is also a time for 60, 20, and 40 minutes of music with these mobiles. Your little one is sure to appreciate the music box, and you can enjoy the night light. With that, the lights project onto the ceiling, and you also have volume control capabilities. Its dimensions are 15.98×9.25×3.23 inches.

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Trend Lab Elephant Musical Crib Mobile

If you’ve ever heard the Dumbo song, “Baby Mine,” then this crib mobile is for you. It offers four cute elephants that slowly rotate on the ring canopy at the top. Plus, it plays Brahms Lullaby, which is the most common mobile song out there.

Your baby is sure to enjoy the soothing sounds it offers. Plus, the grey chevron pattern of this mobile is stylish and gender-neutral, so it’s bound to match the nursery decor.

These mobiles have stuffed elephants suspended on white ribbons with a slide cover to protect the crib arm. Your baby’s fun time is sure to be exciting now, and it fits most modern cribs.

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KiddoLab Baby Crib Mobile

Babies like to be captivated, and it doesn’t take much to do that. This mobile from KiddoLab features great music and enchanting lights. Your baby can see the moon and stars bouncing overhead and falls asleep watching the pets dancing and twirling while they spin around. With that, the mobile plays soothing music and also does nature sounds.

The best baby mobiles are easy to install on your baby’s crib. There’s a yellow knob that attaches to the sidebar. Plus, this crib mobile can be used later as a night light and is made using BPA-free plastic. Therefore, this baby crib mobile is ideal, even as your baby gets older.

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Wendy Bellissimo Baby Mobile

Do you prefer a mobile that is elegant and chic? Most people want something that looks good in the baby’s crib and looks good in the nursery. If that is your goal, then this mobile is perfect. It features pink and gray elephants and is designed by celebrities.

There’s beautiful ornate detailing with a ring canopy featuring a chevron design. Your baby is sure to be lulled into sleep quickly while they watch the elephants dancing around. With that, it plays music, making these mobiles for the crib a great addition to your home.

Though it might be called a whimsical accessory, it still helps with your baby’s developmental needs because of the visuals and sound it provides. As your baby gets older, they can appreciate the colors and might even reach up to try to play with the mobile.

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Fisca Baby Musical Crib Mobile

Usually, the best baby mobiles are those that do much more than just play music. While the goal is to help your baby go to sleep during naptime and bedtime, this mobile is multi-functional.

Babies up to 12 months old can enjoy this mobile. The hanging and rotating bells are there, and it plays 12 melodies as the cute fish spin around. With that, these toys are brightly colored while playing soothing tunes.

When your infant outgrows the accessory for the crib, you can take it out of the nursery and use it for bath time fun. The fish can float around in the tub. On top of that, they’re made using safe materials, so there’s no risk of toxicity issues later.

This mobile is also easy to install. There is a twist knob at the bottom of the base, which can be tightened to fit your crib. With that, it’s a universal clamp, so it fits most modern cribs and their setups. You’re sure to appreciate that this can be taken in strollers and other areas, as well. With it, your baby can enjoy their time, regardless of where they are or what they’re trying to do.

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Crib mobiles are always a stable fixture in the nursery. Though it started out as a whimsical decoration, it’s now a toy that can help with learning and developing their skills. With so many mobile options available, you have many choices.

Though you might focus on eco-friendly materials for your mobile, you also want something that grows with your baby as they become an older child.

Ultimately, the best baby mobile is from Tiny Love. It lets your baby gaze intently at the ceiling while they are newborns and get plenty of rest at night. This mobile offers white noise, and parents can even attach it to the car seat or stroller. Therefore, it’s quite versatile and can be used for many years of enjoyment and happiness.

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