8 Best Crib Mobiles for a Six-Month-Old to a One-Year-Old Baby

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When you first bring your baby home, you want them to sleep in their crib soundly. Though you must go in for frequent feedings during the first few months, you may find that, as your baby gets older, they rest more soundly in the crib.

Typically, nursery mobiles are designed for the baby’s crib until they are 5 months old. Babies love mobiles and fall asleep soundly. However, once they are old enough, the mobile should be removed.

Parents often wonder what to do with the mobile later. While it might still play Brahms Lullaby and other songs, is there a way to continue using it for your older child?

Most baby products are designed to be used for extended periods and grow with your child. The best baby mobile is often mounted on the crib, but it can also be taken down and used elsewhere in the room or on a stroller.

Best Baby Mobiles – 8 Great Choices

Shiloh Plush Musical Crib Mobile

This might be the best musical mobile because it offers many different options for sound. With that, the Shiloh mobile has 60 famous tunes that run for about an hour. It also provides auto-sleep after 30 minutes. You’re sure to appreciate this crib-mounted mobile that grows with your baby.

The musical renderings are quite nice, and there are six buttons to help you handle the sounds and spinning motion. That way, you can mix things up for your little one.

As your baby interacts with this toy, it starts to play music and make different noises. This is to encourage the baby’s reaction and help them get to sleep in their crib.

It has many image options, such as animals and a few stars. Plus, the music options it offers can entertain your baby for hours. This mobile can also spin the toys, which are detachable and can be played with as your baby grows older. The dimensions are 16x1x15 inches.

Tiny Love Take-Along Baby Mobile

You’re sure to appreciate the Tiny Love Take Along Mobile because it’s engaging and colorful. It can actually go anywhere with your baby.

Often, babies like the sense of continuity and security that comes with this baby crib mobile. The hanging toys spin around to offer more visual stimulation. With that, you get different styles and colors to help you find the mobile that fits your decor and needs most.

While most crib mobiles are stuck in the nursery, this one isn’t. It’s adaptable with easy attachment to strollers, play-yards, and bassinets. Therefore, you can take it anywhere, even in the car!

Your baby is sure to appreciate the music, and the image options are beautiful and well-defined. Plus, when your baby is too big to have a mobile for safety purposes, you can still use it on the go. The dimensions of this product are 4×7.5×13.38 inches.

Tiny Love Meadow Days Mobile

The Tiny Love Meadow Days mobile is sometimes called the Soothe ‘n Groove. Regardless, it’s a great way to entertain babies and toddlers while you’re on the go or at home. You’re sure to appreciate the musical mobile features because it comes with white noise and six musical categories with 18 tunes. It’s sure to get your baby’s attention, and it comes with 40 minutes of non-repeating and continuous sound options.

Every baby enjoys the colorful buttons, which lets the child make changes themselves. Plus, there are two speakers for better sound. On top of that, you get volume control to keep it quiet when you need some personal time. Let your baby stare at the ceiling in their crib or pack and play without fear that they might fuss.

These mobiles also come with a light, so you can easily see what you’re doing when you go to the crib for a feeding.

With that, you can detach the music box and let your older child continue playing! Plus, each image depiction is fun and wild enough for your baby to enjoy thoroughly. The dimensions are 4.75x16x13.5 inches.

Manhattan Toy Wimmer Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile

The Wimmer Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile mobile is only designed to be a baby crib mobile and can’t be taken with you on the road. However, it’s great for the nursery and focuses on high-contrast graphics and black-and-white photos that are research-based. That way, your infant is fully engaged.

If you want a mobile that offers visual development from the image options, this is an excellent choice. The mobile arm for the crib is easy to install with an adjustable cord. That way, you can keep the high-contrast, black-and-white graphic cards away from your baby.

Though this was developed back in 1988, it works well for babies and helps with their early development needs. Plus, you have 10 cards available, so there are always different images to learn from. However, this one is not musical, so it might not grow with your baby as they start facing away from the ceiling to sleep. The dimensions are 13×3.5×13 inches.

Tiny Love Classic Baby Mobile

With the Tiny Love Classic Mobile, you don’t have to choose between the different image options. There are black and white designs and also cute characters that babies seem to love so much. Therefore, it offers an innovative and unique design.

There are three hanging spirals for your baby’s development and also three animal characters at the top. You also get a music box with four melodic tunes, including classical music for a full 20 minutes.

With that, you also get light features and movement options while your baby is in the crib. Nature sounds are also available with this mobile.

Moms may control the engagement level from this mobile by turning off the sound, movement, or lights. As your baby gets older, you can also remove arm so that they can play with the controls themselves.

With so many options, the crib is sure to be a favorite place for your baby. Plus, these mobiles can help your child go to sleep. The dimensions are 4.75x16x13.38 inches.

Tiny Love Princess Tales Crib Mobile

If you want a sleeping solution for your baby that offers a soothing environment without being distracting, this crib mobile is ideal. You can find many excellent features, such as music and a nightlight.

Your little one is sure to sleep in the nursery effortlessly with this crib mobile. Plus, it offers a universal attachment option, so it’s sure to fit on the crib. Along with that, this crib mobile has a bunch of fun toys, and each image is sharp and clear.

The best baby mobiles are those that grow with your child. When your baby is too old to have a baby mobile, it becomes a nightlight or a table lamp! That way, your investment becomes long-term and serves a purpose for longer.

Intmedic Bluetooth Musical Mobile

When you want a crib mobile, it helps when it has Bluetooth capabilities. That way, you can turn it on without grabbing your baby’s attention. Often, when a parent goes into the room, it alerts the baby and makes them want attention.

Now, you can change the settings on the crib mobile with no issue. As your little one stares at the ceiling, this mobile can keep them company. It offers soothing sounds and music options. Plus, it provides uninterrupted tunes and melodies for up to 40 minutes.

The crib is now a place to enjoy instead of cry about. Plus, it puts out an image on the ceiling from the light show.

Baby mobiles should grow with your child, and the toys here can detach. Plus, you can remove the mobile and just use the lights or let them enjoy the little clock at the base.

Tiny Love Pack and Go Mini Baby Mobile

When you’re always on the go, you want to grab your baby’s attention and keep them entertained. It’s hard to do that in a car seat or stroller. However, with some baby mobiles, you can make it a crib mobile or take it elsewhere. The one from this brand is just like that. It is compact and can go wherever you go.

Plus, the colorful toys capture the attention of your baby and distract them. With that, this crib mobile is simple.

One of the mobiles’ best features is that it can be closer to your baby than most crib mobiles. Therefore, the infant can fully interact with it in the nursery and elsewhere.

There are no dangerous objects or strings, so there is no choking hazard with this crib mobile. Plus, there are bright colors and patterns, as well as different sounds and music. Your little one is sure to appreciate the little stars.


While some mobiles come with a remote control, this review didn’t focus on those. Instead, the goal is to keep your child happy while they stare at the ceiling all night.

Often, the mobiles are made of eco-friendly materials to be safer. They might use BPA-free plastic and hypoallergenic fabrics.

As parents, you want the mobile to be used outside of the crib to keep your baby’s attention regardless of where they are. Therefore, the best baby mobile might be the Shiloh Plush Musical Mobile. It offers over 50 songs, is easy to set up, and the animals can be played with as your baby gets older.

This mobile seems to have it all and can bring your child many years of joy and happiness as they continue developing.

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